Automate your sales with Artificial Intelligence

5x your sales outreach | 2x your conversion rate


Our Services

End-to-end sales system

We automate your full sales process from sourcing leads, cold outreach, nurturing leads and managing sales meetings

Automated lead generation

We average a 500% increase in sales calls booked in your diary utilising the latest AI cold outreach systems

Data-backed campaigns

We develop bespoke, high converting sales campaigns using data and average a 2x increase in sales conversions

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“In just 4 weeks, we had a new automated lead generation system producing 5x the outreach of our previous. We've now generated over $500k in revenue from our partnership, which is insane."

Jack Ryder

"Endorsed AI helped us to secure business with some of the leaders in the FMCG space within the first few months of partnering together. We're consistently speaking with our ideal clients and are yet to have a month without results."

Robin Shuker
Managing Director
Field Agent

"We managed to secure 70 face-to-face and online meetings in the first month of partnering with Endorsed AI which is a great achievement and without a doubt the best month of sales we've had."

Francesco Ruospo
Chief Business Officer

Why Automate?

Traditional sales system

Automated sales system

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Time and resources lost to manual sales tasks
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AI-driven automation handles routine sales tasks
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Inability to scale without significantly increasing the sales team headcount
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Easy to scale with a system that can increase sales leads without increasing headcount
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Employee focus diverted to low-value sales tasks such as prospecting and outreach
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Employees focus on closing deals and driving revenue into the business
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Increased labour costs and operational inefficiencies
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Optimised workforce productivity and efficient labour
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Revenue growth is unpredictable and limited by workforce constraints
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Greater revenue potential and predictable business growth
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Reduced profit margins
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Highly profitable

About Us

Endorsed AI was born from a deep understanding of how AI will transform the future of sales. We have a fundamental belief that the companies who successfully master AI will thrive, and those who don't will be left behind. We support Executives to roll out scalable AI sales systems and keep up with the pace of change.

Angus Duncan headshot

Angus Duncan
CEO & Founder

- Ex-start up incubator
- Ex-Gartner
- 9+ years in consulting, sales and digital transformation
- 5+ years in AI & process optimisation

Lee Anthony Ching headshot

Lee Anthony Ching
Head of Operations

- Ex-McKinsey & Company
- 3+ years supporting start-ups to scale with AI and sales automations
- Certified quickGrowth Consultant at the Global Innovation Management Institute

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